Church Resources

Benevolence Process & Form

Free template to bring clarity to the benevolence process and record keeping.

Counseling Intake Form

Free template intake for use in church counseling.

Pastor Hiring Questionnaire

Free questionnaire to have potential staff fill out during the hiring process.


Church By-Laws

Free template to help you get started writing your church By-Laws.

Agenda & Value Questionnaire

One of the most important aspects in building launch team is having agenda harmony between launch members and leadership. Download a free questionnaire template to help discern who is called to help establish a new plant.


First Steps for Planting a Missional Church Book

First steps are critical to success, but in church planting they are essential. Gary Rohrmayer & Lee Stephenson, in First Steps for Planting a Missional Church, address these critical steps to successful church planting. This book is a practical guide on how to plant a church.

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Church Giving Letter Templates

5 giving letter templates to send to your congregation for end of the year and quarterly giving communication.

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After the First Steps Devotional

How do you come alongside a person who has just began a relationship with Jesus? Download a 21 day devotional designed to walk beside a new believer helping them find answers to new questions they are facing, introducing them to what a life with Jesus is all about, and beginning to engage them in regular Bible reading. Reproducible master includes unlimited copy rights within the church.

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