About Harvest

It has been one of my greatest privileges in life to walk with pastors and church leaders towards greater impact. I understand from several unique points of view the challenge and loneliness that can accompany the ministry. When I planted a church in 2009, there began some of my most challenging years of leadership. Some of the darkest moments I have ever encountered in life was while I was planting a church. Through my hardship and growth in that season, I became passionate about walking alongside leaders by equipping and helping them grow in their own journeys.

Most pastors I come across are busy, overwhelmed with ideas and wrestling with more questions than answers. As a result, progress can slow, people get restless, and the future becomes fuzzy. Many wrestle with feeling alone, overwhelmed, stuck, or on the brink of something new, but all have something in common: they would all benefit from outside help.

That is where I can help. As a coach, I bring an unbiased outside perspective, objective viewpoint, and past experience—which can be extremely profitable to your church or organization.

Lee Stephenson  Coach, business owner, church planter and speaker

Lee Stephenson
Coach, business owner, church planter and speaker

My story

My name is Lee Stephenson and I am the Executive Director of Church Planting for Converge.

I serve as the Lead/founding pastor of Harvest Community Church in Orlando, Florida.

I am the co-author of First Steps for Planting a Missional Church.

I also co-host the Unfiltered: Real Church Planting Conversations podcast.

I have a Masters degree in Christian Ministry and have served/pastored in four different churches ranging in size around the United States, two of which I had the privilege to start from the ground up.

I have also received certifications as a Patterson StratOp facilitator, in the Cultivate Church Planting systems, and as a Church Unique/God Dreams Navigator. Furthermore, I am an instructor of the Portrait Systems DISC instruments. I have worked with both marketplace and non-profit business and churches as a strategic planner and leadership coach. Over the years, I have trained, assessed, and coached hundreds of church planters.

I have been married to my wife, Melissa, since 2003 and together we have 2 children.

Lee’s practical, next step kind of coaching helped me put what was in my head and heart into reality. Since he started coaching me our church has flourished to a new level of fruitfulness. We broke the 125 barrier, and 150, 200 and 300 with his help. Lee is a top level leader!
— Ryan Rice, Lead Pastor of North Valley Community Church, Phoenix, AZ